Mr Lockout Has An Entire Fleet Of Mobile Locksmith Vehicles To Serve Every City in Broward County

Our state of the art mobile locksmith vehicles are customized with the latest locksmith technologies. We have each vehicle wrapped with our company information so you can easily identify us and know you are dealing with a high quality professional organization. We are proud of the work we do! Perhaps you have seen one of our locksmith vehicles in your city or neighborhood. Our fleet is strategically placed in cities all over Broward County, Sunrise, and the Fort Lauderdale Area. We have many staffed vehicles placed in each city to ensure fast and responsive service to every locksmith need. The coverage of our service are that expands over the tri counties is second to none. Locksmiths are on the clock 24 hours a day in every city in Broward.

Mr Lockout mobile locksmith units allow us to provide you with fast and reliable service and earn us a reputation for quality. Mr Lockout is able to serve and cover the largest service area of any locksmith in south Florida. Good customer service relies on our response time and having the tools and products to complete the job on hand at all times. Our vehicles go through a service checklist every single day. We maintain the stock and tools in each vehicle to make sure our locksmiths don’t show up empty handed for the job.
With our main dispatch center in Sunrise, and our Fort Lauderdale warehouse for our fleet we are able to systematically keep our vehicle response times far below any competitor. This is a large part of why we are the Top Rated locksmith and our customer satisfaction far exceeds any other locksmith. Mr Lockout started right here in Sunrise Florida, but has quickly grown from just a local locksmith to a well known regional brand with the aspirations to expand nation wide! Hard work, dedication, quality service, and great prices, along with our heavy investment in our mobile locksmith units has been the key to our growth and expansion. We love South Florida and are proud to serve you and we are proud of every review we get! Let us know your response time in the next testimonial you leave! We guarantee our competitors can’t even come close!